Coaching for Operational Excellence


Our journey began with Avo Bedrossian creating OpsInSynch to share his passion for operational excellence with the small and medium sized enterprise (SME) teams in the Ottawa area.

Avo established OpsInsynch to provide his make-it-happen know-how with the techniques required to break down the barriers that hamper the growth and earnings of SMEs.

OpsInSynch provides a unique value proposition. Our operations improvement services will be tailored for the exact operations improvement requirements of the SMEs.  

Our story


to contend with unprecedented levels of globalization, organizations must operate at an excellence level of performance and maintain it                   for the long term to enjoy                     a competitive advantage.

There are many approaches that may provide a high level of operational performance. The unique process offered by OpsInSynch is the excellence pathfinding process illustrated above. It was developed and implemented by Avo Bedrossian to help transform the operational capabilities of several companies across a spectrum of industries.

                                                                                                                              Our Operational Excellence Model (OpEx Model) aims to go beyond improvement tools. It is driven by its dual Business Synchronization (Path Finding) and Plan-Do-Study-Act (Shewhart Cycle) iterative improvement cycles. Through this OpEx Model we align people, processes, and structures. We leverage the needed knowledge, tools and techniques to help map your present processes, the design their future desired state. The gap between current and desired future state generates the activities plan that will be executed through coaching, facilitating and building value added to all levels of your organization.

At the conclusion of the Improvement Cycles your team will achieve outstanding results that build capabilities to spread changes that will sweep aside other barriers in your organization.

Excellence MODEL

OpsInSynch offers 'hands-on' support to SME teams that will overcome their specific challenges to business growth.  Organizations that desire to create a world-class operations begin by pathfinding. Then they move up to the next level of performance one improvement life-cycle at a time.

At OpsInSynch we take pride in helping you develop then implement bold action plans to reach your ambitious goals. In doing so, we build your capability to progress on your journey to sustainable operational excellence.