Coaching for Operational Excellence






OpsInSynch uses interviews, and observation to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your operational strengths and barriers to excellence.

OpsInSynch sets up your continuous improvement system. A customized metrics and feedback mechanism  will make it easier to maintain the continued success of your improvement changes.

Once we have executive buy-in, our passion is to empower your team to succeed implementing the designed improvement project from start to finish.

We identify opportunities for improvement and develop uncomplicated workable solutions to overcome your business barriers. 


OUR CONSULTANTS  are time tested operations improvement experts. 

Our professional staff has mapped and created high performance operational value streams in the manufacturing and services sectors. They have trained and coached many teams in value stream optimization, they will help implement operational excellence thinking and practice in your organization.


  • On-site assessments
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Gap analysis 
  • Executive buy-in & improvement charter
  • Problem solving and decision-making workshops
  • Improvement project facilitation | management 
  • KPI measurement


“Avo can blend best practices with his own practical experience to establish and maintain effective/efficient operational groups."

Ray Vilis

SolaCom Technologies

Operational Excellence (OpEx) implemetation is a no-brainer when you compare the cost to benefits. Most organizations, however, do not jump on board for the OpEx journey because they face barriers that work against its successful implementation. OpsInSynch  offers a comprehensive set of operations improvement practices that will enable your team to become experts in overcoming those barriers in your pursuit of growth and earnings.