Coaching for Operational Excellence


Workshops & Seminars

  1. Strategic Planning - Training Module                   
  2. Production Basics and Best Practices - Overcoming Objections and Roadblocks                 
  3. Value Stream Mapping Techniques for Operations Improvement                                                                                               
  4. Thinking Outside-the-Box                                         
  5. Quality Management and ISO Tool Kit                
  6. Kaizen Based Lean Production - Introduction                                                                   
  7. ​Mastering the 8 Basics of Lean Operations:       1) Information Integrity                                                  2) The Balanced Scorecard                                        3) Sequential Production                                    4) Point-of-Use-Logistics                                            5) Cycle Time Management                                      6) Production Linearity                                              7) Resource Planning                                                8) Customer Connectivity                                                   
  8.  Pilot Projects - "Quick Hitting Kaizen"                                                                                               
  9. ​The Manufacturing Simulation Games:                   (A) MRPII / ERP Shop Order Control Simulation         (B) Demand Based Lean Manufacturing Simulation   

achieving and Sustaining results through people development 

Our vision focuses on operations improvement through coaching, facilitation and building value added processes and relationships at all levels of our customer's organization. OpsInSynch is dedicated to helping small and medium sized businesses achieve their vision of growth and profitability.

Our focus goes beyond the improvement tools we introduce. We strive in transferring the required knowledge to your team to bring your business performance to the next level and sustain it on the long run. We are experienced operational professionals driven with the passion of sharing our skills, experience, and make-it-happen knowhow. We believe in "learning-by-doing". By getting onto the field with the doers, we ensure that our coaching is translated in skills that are acquired to a level of proficiency whereby the new practitioner is able to adapt and vary it as his situation dictates. The ultimate goal of our training is not passing a test and receiving a certificate but the personal and organizational growth results produced by applying the newly acquired knowledge.

Furthermore, our tools and techniques presented and adapted to your situation are selected to build the thought process of people at all levels of your organization to take appropriate actions in breaking the barriers of future growth and earnings. OpsInSynch recommends tailored workshops delivered to your people on site.